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Oregon Medical Group now offers My Chart and online bill pay. 

Why use Patient Portal?

Patient Portal allows you to: 
  • Access your clinical visit summary through My Chart, including:
    • Current list of Problems, Medications, and Allergies
    • Immunizations and Vital Signs
    • Lab Results and Procedures
  • Read secure messages from Oregon Medical Group
  • Secure payment processing through Online Bill Pay, including:
    • Viewing your statements online
    • Viewing your payment history
    • Viewing your account balance
    • Store your perferred payment method securily


How to sign up for Patient Portal:

  • Following your appointment, you will receive an email from Oregon Medical Group
  • If you were not registered by our registration specialists, or are not already registered, please contact us at (541) 242-4949, option 1
  • When creating your account:
    • First and Last name in the Account Information area must be the identical to your insurance card – no nicknames. Names can be verified on any OMG bill that you have recently received

Once you have created your account you will be able to view My Chart and set up your Online Bill Pay account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to be able to view my child's chart. Can I manage their chart with my personal email?
A: Yes you can utilize your personal email for their account as well as your own if you choose Oregon Medical Group for your own care. Their linked account will be available to you through your child's 13th birthday, after which, in accordance with state law on minor children's healthcare information release, we do not provide Patient Portal access until their 18th birthday.

Q: Who do I email if I need medical advice or have questions about the information in My Chart?
A: At this time OMG doesn’t allow email discussions with physicians. Contact your physician’s office by phone with any medical questions or questions about your clinical information.

Q: How do I change my email for Patient Portal?
A: Send an email to patientportal@oregonmed.net or call (541) 242-4949 to change your email. 

Q: I can’t find the doctor’s chart notes from my last visit. How do I find them in Patient Portal?  

A: You will be able to view allergies, problems, medications, vaccines, vital signs, and lab results. Individual chart notes and imaging (including x-ray) are not available in Patient Portal.